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    GeGe Greene is a licensed Advanced Esthetician with 20 + years of experience and a life-long passion for beauty and wellness.  She began her career in 2002 when she founded SOOTHING BEAUTY.  After years of education and training with advanced and clinical skincare treatments, GeGe relocated and opened, SOOTHING BEAUTY Advanced Skin Care, in Oakbrook, Illinois in 2015.  


    In her most recent endeavors, GeGe relocated to the Las Vegas, Nevada area in 2021 and is (Living THe Suite LIFE) continuing her Advanced Esthetic Services inside MY SALON Suite, Maryland Pkwy #14 -Suite #509 


    GeGe also works at the IECSC Trade Shows with one of the leading LED Light Therapy companies, LightStim. And in recent endeavors, is an air correspondent for renowned Beauty Bloggers - Lipgloss + Aftershave - Barry Eichner and Jenni Nagle. 


    Prior to launching SOOTHING BEAUTY, GeGe worked in the Financial Industry - Futures & Commodities for Brokerage Firms in Operations and Accounting.


    During GeGe's career as an seasoned Esthetician, GeGe has worked in the offices of prominent Cosmetic Surgeons in the Chicago area.  GeGe is a member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), the nation's largest professional association for skin care professionals.  GeGe's extensive knowledge, pleasing personality and ability to deliver results has earned her praise and numerous repeat clients throughout her career.  SOOTHING BEAUTY Advanced Skin Care continues in this tradition of providing comprehensive results-driven skin care.

    Our clients range from people struggling with non-medical skin issues; such as acne, hyperpigmentation, aging skin - fine lines and wrinkles; to people who simply want to be the best "THEM" they can be...


    At SOOTHING BEAUTY Advanced Skin Care we want to help you "FEEL GOOD & LOVE THE SKIN  YOU'RE  IN".